Sharing photo albums and jAlbum

Market at Chinchero, sacred valley of the Incas, Cuzco
Market at Chinchero, sacred valley of the Incas, Cuzco

After the photoshoot, selecting the high quality pictures, and processing them it is time to share them. In the past there was only one way to share: printing on paper. Although this is still a fascinating way of sharing, nowadays, in the digital era, there are many places to digitally share your pictures with everybody: social media, photo websites, microstock websites, your own NAS etc.
Here I will explain my own setup, hardware and software. At home I have a Synology DS412+. It is a NAS, which stands for Network-Attached Storage. It runs 24/7 and allows me to access my pictures from wherever I am. For convenience, it has its own domain name It allows me to share pictures with specific (groups of) people, for example family, the models I work with, or with everybody on the internet.
For sharing albums I use jAlbum. It is a very convenient software tool to easily create and maintain photo and video albums. I just drop the pictures in a specific folder on my iMAC, decide about the order, select the album cover, select a particular skin, make and finetune the album, and finally upload the album to my NAS or my jAlbum account. Currently, I use Photoblogger as a skin because the albums look nice both on a computer as well as on an iPad. It has a lot of nice and convenient options, one of them is that it gives a slide show in a tiny window as a preview of the album. Another one is that it makes search based on keywords possible, and it also supports selling pictures. I have not used that yet.
Every time I write a blog about a recent photoshoot I make a small photo album to accompany that. With jAlbum it is just a matter of minutes to make one.
Enjoy looking at the photo album of my Dreamstime pictures. At the top is a crop of a picture taken during my last trip to Peru.
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