Market at Chinchero, sacred valley of the Incas
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Almost 34 years ago I visited the tiny village Chinchero, near Cuzco in Peru. I remember that we had a quick visit to the village and that we were surrounded by small children. The indians in the village were wearing black clothes and that we gave ball pens to the children.
Last summer we had a lot more time to visit the village and the old market square. I spent a lot of time to walk around to look at the white buildings from various angles. The picture on top is one of my favorite ones:

  • the white buildings with the horizontal and vertical shapes,
  • the blue sky and the white clouds,
  • the two diagonal lines of grass to shape the market square.

All this together challenges our eyes to wonder around. I am about to buy a large canvas for my office. Here you see more pictures of Chinchero accepted by Dreamstime.
The Chinchero site is now much bigger than 34 years ago. As you can see here. There are:

  • markets professionally run by a consortium of families,
  • recently revealed Inca terraces,
  • Inca walls, like in Sacsayhuamán,
  • children being taught to be proud of the Inca culture.

A place worth a visit.
Below you see another thing Peru is famous for: potatoes.

Women drying and sorting potatoes
Women drying and sorting potatoes

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