My photo book project: Design

Looking for love and protection
Looking for protection and love

After selecting Blurb as a publication platform (see previous blog on this topic) and finding out that Blurb is quite well integrated in Adobe Lightroom 6 the next step is: how to tell the story I have in mind with my pictures.
Here are some of the challenges I am facing:

  • How to construct micro-stories that fit on one or two pages that fit in and contribute to the overall story of the complete album.
  • Which pictures to select, only top quality or also pictures of lesser quality to make the story more complete.
  • How to organize the layout of pictures and text per page or two facing pages.

The types of expertise I am looking for come from various areas: writing, photography, graphical design etc. It is not easy to find the right combination of expertise in one book or website. For example, if I look for page layouts of an album on the internet all the links point to websites about specific platforms and software tools, the many page layouts that are possible, courses for specific tools etc. That is not what I am looking for.
Information about the design aspect that brings all this together is not easy to find. So, my main challenge is:

How to translate the emotions that are attached to the story I want to tell into a graphical form such as an album. 

If you want to help me with this challenge, please send me pointers to books, websites, courses etc. Please help me out! In upcoming blogs I will share my next steps on this road.
Come to think of it, the same is of course true for single pictures: some are boring and some tell an interesting story. Look at the the picture at the top.

London through a wide-angle lens

Hatchhards Bookstore
Hatchhards Bookstore

A couple of months ago I visited London for business reasons. I had to go to the Academy of Engineering. Walking through Regent Street I realized I had not been to London since ages. So, my family decided it was time to visit London for a long weekend. I had taken only one lens: my wide-angle lens (16-35mm).
The first day we spent in Westminster: London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, House of Parliament, and via St Jam’s Park to Buckingham Palace. Here are the pictures of the first day.
The second day we past the area of the Horse Guards Parade on to Travalgar Square. From there via Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus. There we visited many nice shops, among which Hatchards Bookstore. This was a real treat. Although I am a man of digital gadgets it was really nice to visit a real bookstore.  After that we had high tea in Fortnum & Mason. In the evening we strolled along the Thames. Here are the pictures of the second day.
The third day started at the Tower of London. We crossed the Tower Bridge and went through the area where the old warehouses for tea for example are renovated into apartments. From there we walked along the Thames all the way to Tate Modern. After paying it a visit we ended at St Paul’s Cathedral. Here are the pictures of the third day.
The whole weekend we had perfect weather. Actually, the last day was a bit warm so we visited Hyde Park.
I submitted seven pictures to Dreamstime, all were accepted.
High Tea at Fortnum & Mason
High Tea at Fortnum & Mason

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