Selling pictures via Werk aan de Muur

Via Werk aan de Muur customers can select a picture and print it on, for example, canvas. What is special about Werk aan de Muur is that the pictures come from various artists that have their own shop within the shop of Werk aan de Muur. It is a one-stop shop where you can select the picture you like and put it on material you fancy. In Germany and France the website is called OhMyPrints.

Pictures can be printed on canvas, aluminium dibond, Xposer, wood, steel etc and in various sizes. It is also possible to get the picture on (seamless) wallpaper. Can you imagine! The quality is very high, one of the reasons is also because the pictures should be at least 12Mp.

Each artist has his/her own shop, with its own URL (the URL of my shop is). After uploading a picture, tags can be added to improve the visibility of the picture. It can be added to one of the artist’s own album (for example, my Album of Cities). To further improve the visibility there is a WordPress plugin, to present individual pictures, albums, list etc. In this post I use this plugin for showing the pictures. Finally, the artist can determine his/her own profit of a sale by setting his/her profit higher or lower.

Currently, 19 of my pictures have been sold on various materials. The most popular ones are the Dom Tower in Utrecht (9 times) and Machu Picchu (5 times). The one on top of this post, De Pier at Scheveningen, has just been sold for seamless wallpaper for an office!

I am very positive about Werk aan de Muur. As an artist it gives me ample opportunity to make my own choices what to sell against what price. Furthermore it gives me excellent possibility to advertise my pictures via social media. Hope you will find interesting pictures for your walls!