My photo book project: Design

Looking for love and protection
Looking for protection and love

After selecting Blurb as a publication platform (see previous blog on this topic) and finding out that Blurb is quite well integrated in Adobe Lightroom 6 the next step is: how to tell the story I have in mind with my pictures.
Here are some of the challenges I am facing:

  • How to construct micro-stories that fit on one or two pages that fit in and contribute to the overall story of the complete album.
  • Which pictures to select, only top quality or also pictures of lesser quality to make the story more complete.
  • How to organize the layout of pictures and text per page or two facing pages.

The types of expertise I am looking for come from various areas: writing, photography, graphical design etc. It is not easy to find the right combination of expertise in one book or website. For example, if I look for page layouts of an album on the internet all the links point to websites about specific platforms and software tools, the many page layouts that are possible, courses for specific tools etc. That is not what I am looking for.
Information about the design aspect that brings all this together is not easy to find. So, my main challenge is:

How to translate the emotions that are attached to the story I want to tell into a graphical form such as an album. 

If you want to help me with this challenge, please send me pointers to books, websites, courses etc. Please help me out! In upcoming blogs I will share my next steps on this road.
Come to think of it, the same is of course true for single pictures: some are boring and some tell an interesting story. Look at the the picture at the top.

Concept photography

Incense tower with smoke
© Peter Apers | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Concept photography is new to me. I am still experimenting. The idea of concept photography is to express an idea in a single picture. Looking at the picture, you immediately know what it wants to communicate.
Above is an incense tower with burning incense. It expresses spirituality. Although the picture looks very simple, actually making the picture was quite a challenge.
First, I had to decide about the background. I decided to buy  black velvet, to make sure that all the light from the strobes would be absorbed, to get a complete black background to contrast with the white smoke.
Second, I placed the incense tower a few meters away from the background to make sure that the background would be dark enough and not lighted by the strobes that lighted the tower and the smoke.
Third, I lighted the incense tower and the smoke separately. Lighting them together would create too much light falling on the nearby background.
Finally, during processing I found out that there was some fluff or dust on the velvet. So, I still had to clean the background with Photoshop to make it completely dark. Although it has never been sold I am very proud of it. I put in a lot of effort and I learnt quite a lot by doing it.
Here you will find more of my concept pictures at Dreamstime. The challenge is to to identify a message that is immediately recognized when looking at the picture. Some of them have been sold. Like the one above and the one below that captures the concept Always connected or 24/7 Economy. Enjoy!
Combining work and pleasure
© Peter Apers | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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