End of globalization? Pictures of my garden!

Flower in my garden
Flower in my garden

The discussion about Brexit made me realize that there might be an end to the globalization trend. People tend to give more weight to fear and threats and have nostalgic feelings about village-type of feelings of the midst of the previous century. It brings back the feeling of protection and privacy.
This inspired me to take some pictures of my own, secluded garden. More local is hardly possible. They were taken during a rainy day in June. On some of the leaves you can still see the rain drops. Here you will find the pictures of my garden. Please enjoy.
Globalization has brought us many things amongst which the Internet. Without this you would not be able to read this blog and see my picture. It makes sharing of knowledge and experience possible. In my opinion we are just at the start of further digitization of society, where location and time play a lesser role than communicating. Sharing my knowledge and experience both as a CS professor and as a photographer is on the top of my list. That is why I have my photography website.
I hope that the next generation can build further on the results we have obtained and the experiences we have gained and not based on nostalgic feelings about things that do not come back.