End of globalization? Pictures of my garden!

Flower in my garden
Flower in my garden

The discussion about Brexit made me realize that there might be an end to the globalization trend. People tend to give more weight to fear and threats and have nostalgic feelings about village-type of feelings of the midst of the previous century. It brings back the feeling of protection and privacy.
This inspired me to take some pictures of my own, secluded garden. More local is hardly possible. They were taken during a rainy day in June. On some of the leaves you can still see the rain drops. Here you will find the pictures of my garden. Please enjoy.
Globalization has brought us many things amongst which the Internet. Without this you would not be able to read this blog and see my picture. It makes sharing of knowledge and experience possible. In my opinion we are just at the start of further digitization of society, where location and time play a lesser role than communicating. Sharing my knowledge and experience both as a CS professor and as a photographer is on the top of my list. That is why I have my photography website.
I hope that the next generation can build further on the results we have obtained and the experiences we have gained and not based on nostalgic feelings about things that do not come back.

Season's Greetings

While writing this blog the temperature in the Netherlands is close to 15 degrees Celsius. It looks we are heading for an all-time high average temperature in December, no frost at all.

Japanese pagoda in snow
© Peter Apers | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Because most of us have a short-term memory, here are some pictures of January this year in my garden. As you can see there was quite a bit of snow, and it was pretty cold. Maybe the beginning of next year will bring us the same. Who knows?
The picture on the left is a Japanese pagoda. Below you see a Japanese lantern (sometimes also called light basket or light tower) surrounded by the snow-topped remains of some plants.
Snow-topped Japanese lantern
Snow-topped Japanese lantern

The last one shows that our future may go in many different directions, like the branches of a tree.
Branches covered with snow
Branches covered with snow

This is the last blog of this year: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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Dreamstime: 25 sales in one month

Yellow Mountain - Huangshan, China
© Peter Apers | Dreamstime Stock Photos

On the average I sell 6 licenses per month via Dreamstime. Last month something spectaluar happened. One buyer bought 14 licenses of pictures of Peru and, probably, another one bought 8 licenses of Yellow Mountain (Huangshan) in China. In total 25 licenses were sold in November. I never sold so many before.
I celebrated this via two blogs on Dreamstime and got many positive reactions from colleague-contributors. Four of them decided to follow me. I regard that as a big compliment.
My trip to Yellow Mountain was actually the start of this photoblog in which I want to share my knowledge of photography and to show the pictures I take. Here are the pictures of Yellow Mountain. Dreamstime accepted 13  pictures.
The trip to Peru was more recent. I wrote quite a few blogs on it, starting with the preparation and ending with processing them. Here are the pictures of Peru. Of these 50 were accepted by Dreamstime.
For me the common theme between these two big sales is that they are about places you really have to put some effort in to reach them in combination with a small number of pictures available. I noticed that especially about Peru. The buyer did not buy Machu Picchu, however, he did buy pictures of Chavin de Huantar (first 8 hours by bus from Lima to Huaraz and then another 3 hours to Chavin de Huantar). The same is true for Yellow Mountain, first you have to fly to Hefei, China (via Beijing or Shanghai), flooded by 4 hours by bus, and then the final climb starts.
Enjoy the pictures and realize the effort that was required to take them  🙂
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Sharing photo albums and jAlbum

Market at Chinchero, sacred valley of the Incas, Cuzco
Market at Chinchero, sacred valley of the Incas, Cuzco

After the photoshoot, selecting the high quality pictures, and processing them it is time to share them. In the past there was only one way to share: printing on paper. Although this is still a fascinating way of sharing, nowadays, in the digital era, there are many places to digitally share your pictures with everybody: social media, photo websites, microstock websites, your own NAS etc.
Here I will explain my own setup, hardware and software. At home I have a Synology DS412+. It is a NAS, which stands for Network-Attached Storage. It runs 24/7 and allows me to access my pictures from wherever I am. For convenience, it has its own domain name peterapers.synology.me. It allows me to share pictures with specific (groups of) people, for example family, the models I work with, or with everybody on the internet.
For sharing albums I use jAlbum. It is a very convenient software tool to easily create and maintain photo and video albums. I just drop the pictures in a specific folder on my iMAC, decide about the order, select the album cover, select a particular skin, make and finetune the album, and finally upload the album to my NAS or my jAlbum account. Currently, I use Photoblogger as a skin because the albums look nice both on a computer as well as on an iPad. It has a lot of nice and convenient options, one of them is that it gives a slide show in a tiny window as a preview of the album. Another one is that it makes search based on keywords possible, and it also supports selling pictures. I have not used that yet.
Every time I write a blog about a recent photoshoot I make a small photo album to accompany that. With jAlbum it is just a matter of minutes to make one.
Enjoy looking at the photo album of my Dreamstime pictures. At the top is a crop of a picture taken during my last trip to Peru.
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My photoblog, a passion for photography

This mo20130224_6294nth I started with my photoblog. Taking pictures and processing them has become a passion. Every now and then I want to share albums with you; just telling the story behind taking and processing the pictures. Hope you will enjoy them.
This is my last blog this year. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. These pictures, taken in my garden a couple of years ago, are just to remind you that sometimes we have a White Christmas in the Netherlands. Now it is 12 degrees Celsius during the day and pretty stormy 🙁
Taking pictures of snow is not easy. The camera wants to turn the white snow into gray, and your eyes (or should I say brains) translate snow into white (because we know it should be white) although it is (dark) gray. So, overexpose!
Wishing you all health and happiness in 2015! And an excellent photography year.

Dreamstime, a perfect micro-stock website

Maastricht at night
© Peter Apers | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Dreamstime is a micro-stock website where photographers like me can sell their pictures. Since March 2009 I am a member and since a couple of years I am an exclusive photographer with Dreamstime. The amount of money I make out of it is, however, nothing compared to the investment in equipment. What is rewarding for me is getting pictures accepted by Dreamstime and that somebody actually buys a picture. The acceptance procedure is quite tough (my acceptance ratio is now 65%). This means that on the average two-third is accepted.
Above you see my first accepted picture. It is the river the Maas flowing through Maastricht at night. My currently last accepted picture is of my last visit to Beijing. It is one of the buildings of the Prince Gong Mansion.
Prince Gong Mansion
© Peter Apers | Dreamstime Stock Photos

In total I now have 350+ pictures accepted, ranging from landscapes, cityscapes, seascape, and portrait. In total I sold almost 250 licenses. The best selling picture is of Budapest covered by snow (12 times).
Donau through Budapest
© Peter Apers | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Although the pictures in this blog look like they are of low quality (this is needed for a fast download) the original pictures are of high quality. Please contact me if you are interested in one of them. Here are all my Dreamstime images in chronological order.
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